5:10:00 PM

Life the way it is.

I'm staying home today , not that i want to :/
I'm having swollen eyes .. like really all puffed up.

Woke up in the morning , look in the mirror and i just know i shouldnt even leave my house today
decided to wake up in the afternoon to see how the swelling is ,
No different ! so , i miss all the lesson on Japan , Hitler , Stalin .
3 topics that i'm planning to study , i missed it.
how cool ..
i kinda regretted now, cause i really need some advice on these 3 TOPIC !!
arrghs .

forget it , cheered myself up by weighing myself ..
but i gained 1kg , i dont even know what i eat !!
shit .
screw myself man , why did i even have to eat ytd !!
i shouldnt have eat anything :/

Think i'm going to study soon ..
Cant wait for O lvl to finish .. i really cant wait .
My whole life will change and i gonna let my hair down down down down down !!

stay tune (:


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