1:34:00 AM

The scent of the last paper are closer .

I've finished English paper 1 and 2.
Mathematics paper 1 and 2 too .
and i cant wait for the rest to end either,

English was still okay , hopefully i did well . :/
And i hope the story i wrote was didnt run out of topic .

Mathematic paper 1 was horrendous , its wasnt that difficult ..
but i spent too long doing and thus i didnt had time to complete it .
was still 5 questions behind when i was only left with 10mins.
totally screwed up :(

Almost tears when the examiner said 'stop writing'
i knew i screwed up .
wanted to give up paper 2 as i felt pointless to do the paper alr .
But thanks to my dear boyfriend , BFF sheryl and my beloved cousin for their non-stop encouragement ♥♥
I decided to put up one more fight .. and i feel i didnt did that badly for paper 2 .
At least i know i tried my best ;D

Mum was so nice to bring me chicken essence in the middle of the night while i was studying.
was so touch (:
Love it when people dote on me like that , i feel so lucky ^^

anws , shall start to have intense study on Social Studies as its on monday .
&& i need to score for this paper .
its a MUST
i hope i will be able to write fast enough * cross-finger*
told boyfriend if he sees me crying after paper .. it means i didnt have the time to complete ..
and i screwed up my life.
haha :D

Just ended a msn game with boyfriend and i won :P
nice show on chn 58 , haunted show .
Go watch ^^
kk , shall go study Social Study now.
ciaoo :)

Stay tune (:


P/S : All the best people ! soon it will be all over (:

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