3:00:00 AM

sitting in my dark room at night

To summarize what happened lately isnt complicated.
I've been studying for my science and math .
well , but i'm still a slow learner.
gotta put more effort in my studies :/

And ytd (Tuesday) was ANOTHER shitty day .
I wont blog about it here , maybe i shall turn back to my private blog ..
twittering and blogging dont seems a place for me to let out my feelings anymore.
I need a place that belongs to me and only me.
me to read , me to venge and write whatever i want.
I need a place to turn to ..

Days just seems so down , it isnt going on well ..
i cant seems to get back up ,
i so cant wait till after my O lvl .. i gonna party till dawn.
i rly been super stressed up lately , over everything slightless thing.
i just cant wait to let my hair down and chill.

I'm easily irritated , i get fed up easily .
i try to put on a front but its making me worst .
i feel myself becoming insane.

Something's wrong with my body too ,
each time i eat .. i feel like vomitting .
i'm really unlucky these day , i hope my days will improve soon .
i really wish so.
stay tune.


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