2:30:00 AM

Sometimes , wearing a mask would save us from lots of trouble.

Why bother to express when one doesnt care.
why bother to express when nothing good comes out of it.
Sometimes , its better to leave it as it is .
Just wear a mask and pull through it.
Just pretend U didnt feel anything ..
maybe this way , everything would be better.

Went out with sheryl today and i was ultra happy to go out with my bestest friend ((:
cause we rarely hang out tgt after school and i hope after O lvl , i can go out with her often uh!
after that went to sheryl house to slack .
slacked till 10:30 and went down to half court to meet the boyfriend and guys.
play with candles and firecrackers.
Nothing to comment about cause there's nothing good .
cabbed home after that as dad didnt want to fetch me home :(
I cant describe how HAPPY i am today.

Pictures to be uploaded soon , i'm in a really good mood now ..
So good that i really cant be bothered to upload any pictures now.
stay tune :DD


P/S : Put on a front.

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