12:11:00 AM

What a day .

I suspect i'm falling sick soon , real soon .
cause i feel super tired and my body seems so warm.
Plus i had a really bad headache last night !

So anws , ytd after school , i headed home to change and met boyfriend and friends for movie.
I miss popcorn , my delicious salted popcorns !!
Although i was late , boyf still gave me some time to buy my popcorn ,
hehe :B
Watched surrogates ..
At first , upon hearing the title , i thought it would be a waste of money .. cause i had no idea what show the guys wanted to watch .
But its a 360 degree change of opinion after watching this show .
Not only it has good story line , the show was fantastic !

Ratings : 8 / 10
Totally worth a watch ^^

After movie , we headed back to yck , ate and went to boyfriend's house for awhile ((:
I didnt eat tho , and BTW .. I'm 49kg now.
omg . well , i meant 49kg when i dont eat anything the whole day la !
haha , but i was super super happy when i know it.
I seriously feel that all my hard work had paid off , but not giving up ..
still working towards my ideal weight (:
So anws , boyf and jackson was going to watch soccer at 12 ?
So i decided to cab home before midnight charge .

Boyfriend accompanied me down to wait for cab and home sweet home :DD

chatted with parents for almost 1hr man .
Its been so long since i sat down at the living room and chat with them .

Woke up early for hist !
super gald i didnt miss today's lesson , mdm loo taught some stuff i dont even know and most of them i had alr forgotten :X
After that , i went to boyfriend house to slack as we are having bio remedial at 2.
slept awhile and i was really tired okay .

After bio , headed home to change before heading out for more study ..
we went Plaza Sing to study , random? i know.
Its not a study environment there .. too much influence .... on food.
it makes me feel so hungry yet i dare not think about food .
so i didnt study much .. shall study more tmr then .

O lvl is in less than 2 weeks away .
Should i be trembling? yes i should.
time is really passing so fast , in a blink of eyes .. my secondary school life gonna end soon .
In a blink of eyes , i might not know where i will be ..
which poly i will be , what will become of my life.
I had totally no idea what i'm going to do next , but guess what ..
i like it , hopefully it will be some good surprise waiting for me in my future.
Super random post .. i know.

since i'm being so random ..
shall continue my RANDOM-NESS.
did i ever mention how much i love this babe?

aww , my precious miumiu ♥

Haha , just an overdue picture.
stay tune (:


P/S : Love mr boyfriend lots.

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