12:11:00 AM

Bad timing :/

I'm sick , having slight fever now.
well , i suspected i'm falling sick soon as i felt really weak ytd.
but didnt expect to fall sick so soon .
damn , tmr is Social studies .. i cant afford to screw this paper up .
History is on tues ..
i really hope i will feel better tmr :/

Shouldnt have slept at 7am this morning if i knew i would fall sick this soon .
studied till 7 and bro just got back from work.
felt super dizzy and decided to sleep .
woke up at 3 after recieving a call from boyfriend.
and mum brought us out.
went to geo's dad shop again . :D
Started to feel really cold tho i was in a hawker center.
and i told mummy after that , and she said im sick.
sighs :(

anws, pictures pictures !
cam-whore using my handphone in daddy's car.

alrights , just realise paper start at 8am tmr.
no time to waste , gonna go bathe and study alil before sleep .
nights (:

stay tune (:


p/s: all the best to all.

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