4:44:00 PM

Let's party till dawn , not think about anything else and have fun.

Hello hello .
I'm super high right now , cause my examination are over .
like finally .
hack mcq and chi re-take.
My study mood is super gone now . haha.

anw , i just realise i got such a sweet brother .
he's working at least 15hr/day.
and last night when i was in my mid sleep , i felt someone helping me cover my blanket.
i opened my eyes and saw my bro helping me cover blanket .
I didnt know if i was dreaming or not ..
but i felt so sweet at that moment.
haha , no matter how we quarrel & fight at times , he is still the sweetest brother i got.
Love him!

will be watching movie later.
I wanna party lah ... sheesh ~
die , my whole mind is just fun fun fun fun now.
i dont even want to touch anymore books.
but but but , i still have my chi paper and MCQ paper this coming week , sians.

I wanna catch 'NEWMOON' , its a must must must .
what to say Taylor Lautner is HOT HOT HOT !!

alrights , stay tune (:


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