7:06:00 PM

Lucky me .

Just got home not long ago , cabbed home as i was lazy to wait for the bus.
Plus , my stomach wasnt feeling very well .

anws , i've been lazing in bed nowadays , i dont use to do that .
I would wake up once my alarm clock ring ..
but now , im always stopping my alarm and continue my sleep .
Boyfriend had been the sweetest to give me morning call these day (:

So as i said , yesterday was social studies paper .
and i screwed up .
i couldnt finish on time , 5 more mins and i had 2 more ques in my SBQ , felt my tears swelling up in my eyes as i tried to focus , after writing like 4 lines the examiner said ' pens down '
immdly put my head on table and cried .
10+ marks flew pass me like that.

Thanks boyfriend and BFF-sheryl,swee,geo ♥ ,
sheryl was the first to came to my side as she knew i was alr crying .
Thanks babe , u never failed to be by my side .

Given up on humanities and decided to just read through hitler .. rise and maintain control .
and guess what , today ques was exactly the same .
rise and how hitler maintained control .
My whole heart skipped a beat , i felt so lucky.
Hahaha , wrote pretty fast today ..
and i manage to finish almost all the ques , do the last ques and left ard 4 more lines and "STOP WRITING "
but im satisfied , at least i manage to complete almost 98% of the work.
haha !
Hope boyfriend did well too lah , cause SBQ wasnt that easy today >.<
and boyfriend depended alot on SBQ , but i have faith in him ♥

after paper , boyfriend and i went to his house , was super tired ..
and we slept till 3:30+ , woke up . slacked around his house till 6:30 and i headed home (:

Love this boy alot alot.
hehe :B

Paper left ,
thurs : POA
Fri : Biology
wednesday : Combine Science MCQ .

stay tune (:


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