1:54:00 AM

Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, falling in love with you was beyond my control.

Alrights , celebrated mummy's birthday at a novena .. eating her favourite meal "STEAMBOAT" .
Really didnt want to eat cause i felt its really fattening.
But mummy said ' DONT tell me about diet today please !'
so yeps , decided to let myself loose and eat .. :/
which leds to guilt now .
we didnt talk much cause of what that has happened , but at least we start to talk alittle.
guess thats an improvement?

After eating , went to auntie's house .... and rested there till 12 .
headed home!

Recieved a call from my boss , he told me my schedule for the week .
& i'm quite satisfied . working from 10am-4pm on saturday .
Hopefully the boss remember about my off on 8th dec .. will be going to support boyfriend in his
basketball match , 7-11cup.
& im picking boyfriend up from work on tues since its his first day :)
Hope he remembers to bring plasters. ^^
Will be meeting dear tmr after his BBQ with his new working friends .

Pictures for my 2nd day of work .
I have no no no idea why i cant stop acting cute this year .
like making thoseeeee pouting lips -.- or should i say pig mouth ?
haha , really no idea what's got into me .
geeeez !
smileeeeee :D

Okay ..
and today !
Mummy's birthday
Ugly pic of me .. without make up .
Only eye lashes & lip gloss.
The buffet & steamboat.
Taddaa , eat eat eat .. BAD FOR HEALTH !
hahas ,
alrights .. going to call my boy before he falls asleep .

stay tune (:


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