11:30:00 PM

Never know what's next.

I just reached home.
spent 30mins roaming around my estate as i didnt felt like going home.
when i alight the bus , i was walking back and forth cause i was thinking if i should cross the road to my house .. or continue walking another way .
i chose another way .. and i stroll while i see all the other houses ard my estate .
i remember clearly that i took another route , but i had no idea how i actually reached my doorsteps.
creepy ~

Met boyfriend , qinghai , dorita & james at amk hub.
watched 'Jennifer's Body' and i dont rly enjoy this movie.
Firstly , it wasnt scary at all -.-
its a NC-16 show right?
but i felt its more like a PG show?

haha , sexual part censored off -.-
bloody part censored off then whats the point of putting it as NC-16 movie .
to add on , i even yawn during what people said " the most scary part " .
the only thing that attracted my attention was Megan Fox hot figure , she is HOT hot .

And another part was when she kissed her best friend , THAT WAS HOT.
i tried imagine myself kissing another girl ..
hmmm :/ im actually alil curious myself. :B
haha !
it was so so so hot lah , its even hotter than their so call 'sexual part' of the movie which was
Georgina was so right about her kissing her bestfriend , that was HOT

But overall , ask me how that show was?
SUCKS big time .
Not scary , not bloody enough , not sexy enough -.-
except for the bestfriend kissing part . haha.

Ratings : 3 / 10
A great disappointment , i was dying to see this show before i enter the cinema .
but i left the cinema feeling so BORED. tsk !
F.Y.I , this 1 point was given for their not that bad story line.
the 2 points is for their bestfriend kissing part.
I just find it so hot , sounds wrong?
hack ! its plain hot okay .. hehe :B

chatting with BFF-sheryl now ,
ciaoo . stay tune (:


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