1:03:00 AM

Working life isnt great :/ haha!

I was surfing the nets , browsing around when i remember i online just to blog .
haha , so anws .. forced myself out of bed at 12:30 , changed and hurried to boyfriend house.
i cabbed there cause i was too impatient to wait for the bus.

acc boyfriend till 3:15?
and he sent me to the overhead bridge as i head off to work .
First day but it was alright , maybe cause i did sales before so i know how its suppose to be done.
but i only did 1 sales today .. hahaha .

The rules there isnt very strict and the people working there is quite friendly.
working with a girl call yixin and jess :)
Nana came to look for me after work and went off after that .
Then boyfriend appeared at my shop front while i was serving .. he kept laughing at me . tsk!!
Love him ♥

After work , we waited for chia to finish work as she's working in wisma .
and trained back to amk ,
boyfriend went to meet the guys for pool session while chia and me went to eat .
im afraid i will gain weight cause of work ...
sighs ~

Anyways , orchard seems to be another home for phs students lah!
everyone is working in town now ..
Me , boyfriend , jackson , qinghai , steven , shiling , chia & others.
all of us could meet each other during lunch breaks .. & meet up after work to go home tgt (:
How coool ♥
haha ~

Supposed to off tmr but i remembered boyfriend has bball training tmr ..
so i decided to work instead since there's nothing to do tmr either (:
meeting boyfriend in the afternoon as usual before going to work.

Going to bathe now , ciaaao.

stay tune (:


p/s : 1 more day to mummy's birthday :/ but but but ...... sighhhhhhs :(

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