5:24:00 PM

For I have found a place I want to be.
This place I see is with thee.
For in your arms I have felt and seen,
a wonderful feeling that I cannot believe.
A safe haven in your arms just for me.
For my heart believes in you.

I had a dream .
Dream i was in a world of zombie of DOGS !
yes .. cute little dog that isnt cute anymore.
i was a fire fighter in my dream ( no link ) i know.
and i have this biig gun which delays when u shooot.
i killed 5 zombie dogs in my dream , cant wait for part 2 .

haha !
so yesterday i went out to meet boyfriend ♥♥♥♥♥♥ !
miss him to the max puh-leaaase .
Oh , i was so lucky that his mum was making steamboat that day .. so we had steamboat before
going to PS to buy his headset .


And today , i'm just lazing at home .
Relaxing myself since my boss is afraid i have H1N1 or whatever diseases he have in mind .
so he said he will ask me back after a few weeks.
tsk !
worst , my boyfriend and friends are all working now .
how cool , i shall be lonely & stay home.

i cant imagine his face when he ask me back to work & i tell him " oh sorry! but i will be going holiday with my boyfriend & friends on this , this & this dates . "

I'm sooooo going to get fired !!!

stay tune (:


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