1:09:00 AM

For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.

Casting wasnt quite what i expected .
They had video camera and 2 interviewers infront of me , i was freak out the moment i entered the room ,
it felt so formal.
hahaha !
But of course i put on an act , first thing on my mind was to smile and shake their hands before i sit.
Knowing the video was right infront of me makes me uncomfortable ,
was wondering the whole time how do i look in the video ..
i totally didnt had that coming.
Introduce my 'fake' self to them , told them i was ultra socialable person who loves sports which was opposite.
I hate socialising , i hate sports , i hate sun , i had crowds.
what a good liar . hahaha !
hopefully i get this advertisment.

And i wonder what my boss's plan is for me ..
The lady boss asked me to put on heavy make up for one of the week as they want me to wear their designed clothes to do a photoshoot for me .
I am nervous , but but i love photoshooots :)
it always make me feel like a little princess when i do photoshoot.

After casting , went to eat with family ..
omg , i'm like so fat now !
i feel like i weigh 100kg?!
i have no idea why gigi's mummy would say i slim down & i should stop going on diet.
i feel that i have to fucking go on an heavy diet sooon .. i am so so so fat now.
tsk ~

Anyways , dear is going to the clinic tomorrow , guess i have to turn in early tonight so that i can
wake up early to acc him to the clinic.
Love this boy of mine so much :)
I'm sucha goood girlfriend hor? haha! ^^

No pictures cause like i said ... i feel fat :(
it lowered my confidences level in myself ..

stay tune (:


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