11:30:00 PM

Heaven may be hidden in the clouds, but I see it every day, just by being with you.

Feeling really terrible , coughing non-stop until i lost my voice .
I miss going out , i miss boyfriend so much :(
& i still wanna watch his bball match .
hope i recovers before sat , haha !

So anws , woke up at 7:30am and head to clinic with my parents.
felt alright all the while & suddenly i almost black out in the clinic , super sudden.
nurse immediately brought the wheelchair for me .. & check my blood pressure.
i got low blood pressure -.-
my fever increase despite eating sooo much medicine .
they brought me into a room so that i can rest there while a doc came to take my blood test .
hate it man .
now i have 2 plaster on my arm .. tmr there gonna be a third one.

Anyways , i got dengue fever which currently have no medicine to cure.(why did i even bother to see a doctor then .)
and it got worse cause i'm also suffering from anorexia hence i do not have enough platelets(white blood cells) to fight against the bacteria ..
Normal healthy humans' platelets should be 170 ++
Ytd's my platelets was 110 & today decrease to 76 .
the doctor said if it decreases to 50 and below .. they would be worry & i would be asked to stay in hospital for observation.
but i told my mum that i will never stay in hospital because like the doctor said .. there isnt a cure right now..
i will only be asked to drink more water & eat normal medicines everyday .
why waste my time to stay in hospital -.-
hahaha !

the weirdest thing was that i'm not skinny enough to be consider an anorexia loh!!
is like i still have not reach my ideal weight??
& anorexia are people who are EXTREMELY underweight okay ..
Am i extremely underweight?? NOOOO , i'm not even close .
i'm like 49-50kg .. how is it even possible.
shags ~
the doctor wanted to put me under psychologist which i immediately decline !
i'm not going to some stupid brainwash thing when i dont even feel i'm suffering from anorexia can .
told the doctor i can handle myself and i would just come back for another blood test ..

Oh wells , i just can wait to go out again . i feel soo lifeless now -.- sleeping almost everyday ..
eating medicine every 6hr .. going back to clinic for blood test & checking my blood pressure.
omg! i feel like i'm rly a patient la.
tsk !!
& i'm so gonna get fired from my work.

Am waiting for boyfriend to reach home from his match & give me a call ..
miss him so much.
stay tune (:


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