5:08:00 PM

I can fly but I want his wings; I can shine even in the darkness, but I crave the light that he brings.

I just woke up ! :D
how wonderful , boyfriend is at work ever since in the morning .
gave me 5 miss call during his break & i'm still sleeping till 4pm .
I really am proud of myself.

So right , i went work yesterday .. my boss shift me to another location in town .
& i'm working just 2 level below boyfriend's !! :D
now he can just take a lift down to find me whenever he's free cause me am seriously verrrrrry bored.
Boyfriend is even going to lend me his psp so that i can play when there's no customer.
Imagine that!!

Today's off , tomorrow work .. and off for the next 3 days.
the nightmare will begin on monday .
I'll be working FULL SHIFT on monday-friday .
certain days , i will be alone tending the shop .
sighsighsighsighs ...
oh wells , working life is never easy .

That is me cam-whoring even tho i'm alr late for work ?!
i slint my body to block the bright sunlight.
& ohoh ! i did half japanese bun that day :)
did i mention i was late for work ..???
& yes ,, i make that mouth again.

thats all cause i rushed out immediately after that .
& i was 15 minutes late :X

going to watch 'TheHills' now.
stay tune (:


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