11:01:00 PM

A love so sweet, so angel like, so pure , it's all i need. my heavenly cure.

A blind man walked pass a deaf woman & knew it was love at first sight.
As the deaf woman walked pass the blind man,
she could hear her heart pounding in her chest.

Loves that quote there .

Anyways , i'm feeling alot alot better already ..
i so wanna put on my make up and go out before i start working , tsktsk!

So if you guys are wondering what happened to me yesterday .
I woke up have bad headache but assuming it was just random morning bad aches.
i ignore it , went CDC for blood test .
An idiotic nurse pissed me off , she poke the need into my arm for blood test .
it hurts like hell ?!
and when i thought i'm done .. she said ' no bloood'
i was like ' NO BLOOD?'
she poke a needle into my arm and tell me no blood.
i was boiling man , so she search for another spot to poke .
unlucky or what ?

Next , brought my dear dog to the vet for her check up .
she's still as healthy as ever .. almost 7 years old but the vet said she's like a puppy.
haha !
went back home and i tried to sleep but my headache were getting from bad to worst .
next thing i scream for my mum and i started crying & vomitting .
mum freak out & sent me to the hospital .
they inject some stuff to calm me down and i fall asleep.
when i woke up i felt so much more better & was allowed to go home.

ate pizza & spicy chicken when i got home ,
just imagine the amount of fats entering me these day .. sighs sighs.

& woke up today , realise sheryl called.
called her back , she's back in singapore.
she heard that i was ill so call to check in , how sweet <3
chatted with her for awhile then i got to eat my medi so we hung up .
realised that dear didnt go work today , wanted to tell him that i want to meet him..
but before i could ask him to meet he said he needa go his family chalet .
so i stay home today .
hah ~

I really miss him like so much lah .

stay tune (:


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