1:01:00 AM

Love... you always want more cause love leads to greed .
Yes baby , i want more love .

Home !
Spent half of my day staying home watching ' Hi my sweetheart ep.5 ' & ' The Hills ' .
which i totally agrees when Heidi said that girls are born to be treated like a princess.
I wanna be treated like a princess ... humpf !
so , anyway .. thought i wouldnt be meeting boyfriend today , but he called at 7 .
so i rushed to change and head down to amk hub.

Boyfriend & friends were buying movie tickets.
caught the movie ' Ninja Assassin '
Ratings : 7.5 / 10
I find it quite awesome cause i'm a girl who LOOOOVEES bloody scene & horror movies.
Hate girls who keeps screaming in the theater .
Guess i'm alittle different from other girls?
I like to watch gore movies.

Anyway , i find rain's body figure really awesome.
but its alittle toooo macho for me , hopes boyfriend wouldn't think about training his body into that size.
I love guys with muscle but not over muscular .. they will seems to be a very rough guy & looks really scary to me .

after movie , home sweet home.

boyfriend will be starting work tmr ,
& this silly guy thinks i will get paranoid with him working in those environment where there's girls .
Hahahas , i wont.
As long as he loves me , i need not get worry about it :)
Good luck for ur first day of work tomorrow k dear ?
Love you ! ♥

He got 1st for daytona once again :)
RLC = Raymond Loves Casandra .

stay tune (:


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