1:32:00 AM

Sick sick sick.

Been 2 days since i last blog .
got really sick on tuesday .. woke up at a temperature of 38.3 .
however , i went to change to meet boyfriend as i wanted to go watch his bball match .
My sick worsen in the end & had no choice but to head home after movie.
watched ' couples retreat'
ratings : 5 / 10

its wasnt very nice .. cause they had too much talking .
i even fall asleep in the cinema ! tsk .

At night , parents drove me to amk clinic as my fever rose to 38.8 .
Ate the medicine and when to sleep as i was feeling really really terrible.
However .. the medicine was not doing much help .. my fever continue to rose to 39.3 and today .. 39.8 degree .
had no choice but to go to tan tock seng hospital .
the doctor took my blood test , lung x-ray and heart test -.-
but their medicine was really very good , felt alot alot better after eating their medicine.
Hahaha ,
i suspected it was H1N1 however .. after checking the doctor said it might be dengue fever?
No idea yet .. have to go to another clinic tomorrow for another blood test .

was messaging dear all the way ..
& i thought he was going home after his match , however when i reach my doorsteps .
boyfriend was standing there !
i was super shock & happy .
Hahahha , he acc me till 11+ and headed home.
wanted to ask him to stay over for the night but he got work tmr . oh wells ~
Thanks dear .. Love you <3

just taken my medicine ..
will be going to sleep after this .
stay tune (:


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