7:20:00 PM

Every time you look at me and see me smiling, just know that I am thinking of you!

Gave BF a little mini surprise today .
woke up & called him , we discussed about whether we should meet today .
& i told him its quite pointless cause he needed to go somewhere else at 5-6pm .
plus it was already 2pm when i woke up .
so i told him to go back to sleep , could hear that he was kinda disappointed !
after we hung the phone , i immediately rush to change & was ready by 2:30pm .

when i reached his house , called him to open his door .
hehe ! He told me i'm his first gf to give him a house surprise ^^
I'm pleased by that. :)

So we spent our time just lying in his bed until about 4 , he got up , changed and accompany me
to eat my lunch he went to meet the rest while i headed home.

I'm sucha nice girlfriend. :P

oh , i even manage to camwhore before leaving house .
took quite a few shot but i just cant stand my look!!
i keep acting cute non-stop & only find those cute picture nice.
But i dont want to pout my lips like some other girls , it makes me feel so un-natural & cheena.
One of me acting cuteee :/ ( at least i didnt pout my lips in this pic. )
Like this pic.

Reached home at around 5pm.
& i camwhore again .
me without make up as im getting ready to go jogging after i blog.
I'm so fat alr loh !!!!! weigh 100kg can ?!! :(

Alrights , off to jogging .
Toodles! stay tune.


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