9:10:00 AM

its the first day of the year 01/01/2010

Oh god ! So cool . I'm using my BB onyx to post now since I woke up a little todau.
Today is going to be a busy day & I seriously hope the plans work out fine.
Just realise we have only plan A but no plan B/C.
So !! That means things better go according to plan!

Wells , I'm use ultra excited for today . That explains why I'm awake so early
Right ?! My whole mind is all about today.
Worry for these & that . Excited for this & that. Tsk tsk !

Plus , not to miss out how I spent my new years eve was with my family instead.
Wanted to spend it with boyfriend but I didn't want my parent to feel that I'm neglectineglecting them . My mum is really quite sensitive sometimes. Hahas !

Okay , times almost up . Should be going to bathe now .
Post with pictures soon =D

Stay tune (:


P/s: happy new year all ! Have a great year !

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