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Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.

Okay people , Let sayy BYEBYE to 2009 and welcome 2010!
does it click you that 2009 will never appear again , like people say .. time can never go back.
we actually live 12 months away like that!

well , its really an interesting year for me .
Unpleasent moment and also happy moments.
i believe everyone goes through that everyday right?
but the main thing is to learn from mistakes and never repeating them.

2009 has been one hell of a roller coaster !
Friendships , Love , Family , school issues all happened this year .. but come to think of it .
woah , how time just flew pass uh.
i still remember the starting of 2009 , i was complaining that what a long year ..
have to go school and stuff ..
& have to prepare for our 0 lvls. Our major examinations !!!
was complaining about how hard we gotta study .. how stress i was , blahblahblah!!!
NOW LOOK , i'd graduated from secondary and am heading towards poly next .
wow ~ i actually walk through my school life without knowing it.
and this got me thinking that life are really not something to live easy with .
in a blink of eyes , we would be 18 .. 21 ..25 ...30...40 ....50 ...60 .
and we should never waste any minute of our life ! NEVER .
We should never live being unhappy , always climb up when u fall & never give up .
cause there are still many many many wonderful surprises out there waiting to be found ,
be it about Love , career , education , friendship , family.

Well . this year during mid june , i found a wonderful boyfrieeeend who used to be my good friend before & he still is now.. a wonderful love ♥! - 260606.
haha , not going to mushy but yea , Love him .
hopefully we will continue to be strong in 2010 .. :)

I also realise how fast we are growing up when i saw my beloved cousin driving a car now.
The last time i remember , we were little children playing in the playground .
but now , we are teenagers going clubbings instead. hahah!
and when my brother is serving in NS soon & he will be gone for like 2 years except on weekend.
I'm still wondering if i will get use to not seeing my brother often anymore .
although he is quite a pest sometimes .. LIKE LIKE throwing a controller on my face !!(happened in 2009!)
& some other thing ... but overall , he's still my brother who gives in to me alot & loves me..

2010 is going to be a year that many changes is going to take place.
Whole new environment , whole new bunch of people and friends.
Am i ready to accept the new challenge in my life?
I mean , we cant predict what is going to happen the next moment right.
Things does change you know.

Main thing about school life is i realise i wont get to see my bestfriend sheryl ♥! anymore.
i wont get to meet her everyday before school and walk to school tgt anymore..
its like my daily routine for the past years .. and in 2010 , it wont happen anymore.
& i will actually admit that i might get jealous if sheryl actually find a new bff in poly loh! hahahas.
( not trying to sound lesbian here .. BUT i will really get jealous !! SEEE THIS BABE ! )
No matter what , she's the only only one i really really turn to when i'm down .
My sec one close buddy , sec two she became my best friend till NOW she still is the bestest ♥.

Of course , not to forget the ladies .. like yuwen & chiachia . Both is LOVE toooo :D

I realise , i will see a bunch of new faces everyday .
my group of close friends wont be there .. we wont get to eat recess together anymore .
will we drift apart????
The idea of eating in the canteen with some new friends , errrr ...... :/
maybe its cause i'm a solitary person , so the idea of new friends kind of freaky to me.

Also , will 2010 affect my love life?
i mean , he will be entering a new environment tooo .. meeting new bunch of people too .
tho he said it wont affect us cause we can still meet after school .
but i'm still worry lah !
Hopefully things still goes well :D

Oh well , like i said.. there are plenty of wonderful surprises waiting for us out there right?
so ... lets say HELLO 2010 and BYEBYE 2009!

whatever difficulties we face this year , lets go through it and not let it defeat us ! :)
Learn and treasure whatever thing we can this year .
cause once 2011 reaches , it means another 1 year is gone .
You dont want to regret after it yeah.

Wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR !
have a great year guys. ^^

i know , wordy post .. but its the beginning of the year . hahaha!

stay tune (:


p/s : Hope i get my BB onyx before my birthday !! >.<

p/s : next update ! Baby's birthday , genting's trip & MY SWEET 18TH BIRTHDAY.

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