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Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war, love is a growing up.

Life is really amazing . i mean , it changes without us noticing.
it's only when it has changed then you notice.
however , it goes on and on and on , never taking a break / pause .
People who idled around are only wasting their life .
Enjoy but suffer later .
I'm caught in the middle , half of me wants to enjoy my life .
Part of me rather suffer and study hard now for a better future.
this is bad!

is just a source of enegry , giving you strenght to climb up when you fall .
Holding on to you when you need a helping hand .
Listening to you when you need a listening ears .
Teasing you when you need to laugh .
Love is the biggest enegry .
L.O.V.E isnt a game but an important source in life.

Went to watch boyfriend match today .
Good game , bf played well ! (*sound of a applause*)
However , i spent my time looking at a group of american teens.
Realise they are totally different from asians .
I stared and watch , sort of envy them infact .
I guess i feel asians are just too preserve , so many restrictions .
and i have to admit , asians have a SQUARE mind.
Ahh , i'm asian too .. guess that makes me a SQUARE mind too.

Doubt anyone can understand a word i'm saying ..
but it just hit me hard !
I wanna be like them , i feel that i want a change in my life .
I feel like going oversea to live and returned to singapore in a whole new casandra .
How cool would that be .
so much thoughts in me now , weird.

stay tune (:


p/s : This song speaks my heart . - Frankie Jordan : Once Again :)

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