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Sometimes, despite the risk, the most important thing is to seize the moment. Or whatever else you can grab.

Had been super lazy to blog and spent my days at home watching 無敵珊寶妹 , a really awesome show!
Damn , i hate it when i get so addicted to dramas.
I mean my bio-clock is really ruined !
Luckily , my complexion is not yet affected ~ whew!

IT Fair was super crowded . Visited boyfriend while he was working .
I cant stand the crowd . It was worst on saturday , citylink was JAMMED with people.
Gosh . wanted to make a Uturn and head home but because i planned a mini surprise for him .
decided to continue squeezing through the crowd to suntec.

Casting went well on saturday .
Photographer was so professional and not to mention , good looking.
He was a little demanding but i like , i mean my mood of taking photos was so high i pose and pose and pose .
but i wasnt selected in the end, guess those angmohs did la ! they were god like compared to me please .
But nevermind , i had so much fun !
maybe it was because he was good looking too so i had fun . haha!

I must clarify la. Look is important to me in a way okay .
I mean , i wouldnt bother taking a second glance at you if you airnt handsome.
Not saying that i'm good looking or what la , but i'm a girl la!
Guys look at girls , well .. guys are wolf. :P
Girls naturely looks at guy cause they have eyes.

I'm not being kinky or what .. but look is important .

Let see , how should i put this so i wouldnt sound like some desperate girls .
There's a saying that ' Look isnt important , what's important is the inner beauty. '
I agree with that , but who the fuck will look at you if u are super ugly.
who the hell gives a damn about knowing your INNER BEAUTY when they airnt attracted to your OUTER beauty in the first place to begin with. Right?
Finally i make some sense .

So , look is important that is why i wanna get my nose and eyes done! ( I practically make a big round to get to this point . X.X )
That is because I dont get it why whenever i mention that i wanna do some plastic surgery ..
People comments are ' Lack of self confidence.' ' it would be so fake then . .' ' Not natural ..'
I dont agree with those statement , this has nothing to do with self confidence , i would never once
say i'm ugly cause i think i'm far more better looking than many .
I have confidences in my look okay.
But i want to improve my look !
I'm not satisfied with what god has given me ..
A long long ago picture. About a year ago ?
so , a sharper nose , bigger eyes , a little botox injected to my lips and sharper jaw would be my idea look ... :) *fancy thinkingggggg
( Anyway , i looked so chubby here is cause i was 56kg at that time laa . )

Almost every celebrity did plastic surgery, its not that they didnt get confidence in themselves.
They improved their look and surely they gain many many more fans right?

Also , guys always say 'nature beauty is the best .'
BULLSHITS. nature beauty than why every wedding all the brides put on make up .
and its THICK MAKE UP laa . why ?!
why all the guys are crazy over jolin tsai , lady gaga , britney spears .
They had MAJOR surgery on their face before too ,
so if anyone still says nature beauty is the best .
Please take a gun and shoot your head . You just lied to yourself.

To my point of view , i think that guys should appreciated their gf wanting to spend their money to improve their look .
they would definitely feel proud bringing their girlfriend out .
Not that i despise singaporean's mindset cause i'm a singaporean too :/.
But singaporean got to open up their mindset ..
so bloody close minded then why is the government trying so hard to follow the western .

I typed so much ! * blush *

Picture time !


Went to IT Fair for the first 3 days but i only took picture on day 1.
The guys.
qinghai & raymond.
Now that's classic.
Slacking huh.
totally candid.
C & R.
Ah yes , i met nana too!
bf's face is so classic here .. happy to see me huh?

stay tune (:


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