4:59:00 PM

You must be committed and do what it takes, then you will have what you want.

alright ! i'm not feeling good now.
i hate being yelled at , i mean i tears when someone scream at me .
Especially from people that matters in my heart , i get very emotional and sensitive.

I'm trying my best to be a daughter worth to be proud of,
Knowing my hp bill is really high after i signed the 3G data plan , i decided to terminate this plan
despite how much i dont want to , i have admit .. being able to twitter everywhere i go ,
surfing the internet and stuff .. its really supa awesome .
but i'm being selfish and bringing burdens to my mum .
So i called up singtel to terminate my plan next i called my mum ..
telling her the termination penalty was $249 .
And she started yelling at me :(
Really hurting .. i did it cause i really felt gulity of my recent case that my bill actually explode to a $1000+ bill .
i really wanna lessen her burden .

Sometimes i feel unappreciated .
I'm retaking my O , doing everything i can to keep my words ..
that i would get a degree for her and make her proud by striving towards university .
sometimes i wish she would just understand :/

Okay enough for emo-ing .
After everything , mum called and talked nicely . she didnt understand what i meant by cancelling my data plan and stuff ..
so she called gigi up and gigi explained it to her . -.-

I overslept despite reminding myself not to oversleep on family day .
woke up and hurried to get change to go out with family.
I miss going out with my family , it seems so long since we had a proper family day la!
went to buy some books at thomson and we went to eat KFC again .
Fattening i know ! :(

I will be dye-ing my hair soon ..
still thinking what colour to dye this time.
Brown ?? or dark red. tsktsk.

before leaving house!
I seriously dont think i'm suitable to drive my dad's car even after i get my driv lic.
I look like a young girl driving a Mercedes S Class la !
SOO NOT ME. haha!
KFC rocks cause its delicious , sucks cause its fattening!

Alright, back to study .
stay tune (:


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