4:54:00 PM

You paint my life , you paint my love . I love you rckw!

Stayed home today and i'm really bored.
Singapore is just too small , everything requires money ..

I want to go out but at the same time i'm really lazy to get prepare for just 1 hour being outside and then go home.
I have to put make up , i will never ever leave my house without any make up on .
well , at least my eye lashes on .
And i'm really lazy to do my make up :/

Singapore IS A BORING place ..
I just feels like leaving singapore , go overseas .
If i ever had a chance to go overseas to study which I'm planning to in future .
I might never return to singapore , dead serious .
I discuss with my mum and she told me to save up some of my own money as she wouldnt be able to afford to let me go overseas to study .
So if i had my own saving , she might just need to add in alittle more and im all set to go .

I plan to go overseas to study if i cant succeed in singapore ..

Oh there is this little secret in me.
Mum ever told me that a medium ever told her that if i marry far away , life will be better for me.
So mum always believe it might come true since from young , like at the age of 10 ..
I always tell my mum i dislike chinese , i want to go overseas.
When i was young my relative would all tease me and say " AIYO! ang moh so hairy ... u like uh! "
but since young , i fight for them .. i would always reaply " I like ! i want marry ang moh ! ang moh so handsome !! "
Till now , its the same . Only thing is i gave up on having an ang moh bf since i felt my chances of getting them is really slim . :/
Guess i became more realistic as i grew up , besides .. chinese guys are still the same . sweet & loving , like my bf . heh!

well , its only at my teens when i dated chinese and like chinese guys.
But the inner me still wonders if ... what the medium say would come true!
I mean my heart always skip a beat when i saw any charming angmoh looking at me ..
My heart dont even skip a beat for chinese guys la -.- ( most of them . )
but just a glance from an american guy .
i will be like super tense up and my heart will beat rapidly ..
sharing some secret that NO ONE knows before .. :)

Life can be unpredictable right?
But what i looks forward now is do well for my studies ..
and have this chance to go oversea and study too or take up a course .

stay tune (:



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