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If I never met you, I wouldn't like you. If I didn't like you, I wouldn't love you. If I didn't love you, I wouldn't miss you. But I did, I do, and I will.♥

School is going on fine i guess , for now i can cope with the module that i'm taking.
POA seems easier than what i'm doing in my secondary school days so maybe i will be able to score for POA now? haha!
Well , maybe it's too early to say .
I'm making friends in my class , how not to when all my classmates are so friendly.
And it is really impossible to be a loner !

And today , i recieved my contact lens i ordered from a blogshop .
happy ^^
Well , i was cheated before and i'm so gald i bought from the right shop this time .
Thanks my darrling chiachia for introducing me to this blogshop!
I cant wait to wear it on monday. hehe !

I met raym today , woke up at about 2pm , changed and hurried to his place.
We watched television till about 6-7pm , we decided to head down to amkhub to catch 'Kick Ass' with qinghai , daniel and steven.
Awesome show indeed ! Was laughing non-stop !

Arron Johnson was really fun & i felt Lyndsy Marie Fonsecawas really hot .
Love their kissing scene! haha.
Plus , how could i miss out on Chloe Grace Moretz who played the role of Mindy / Hit Girl .
She looks so adorable with a super great acting skills.
Thats why i love Western , they are just so much more incredible and better than Asian at least a thousand times ..
Chloe Grace Moretz is a 13 years old girl , comparing her with a 13 years old asian actor ...
Asian is a disgrace ! TSK.

Overall , Kick Ass is a great film !
Love it ♥

Ratings : 8 / 10

So i cant really remember what i did recently . All i can remember is school and meeting bf!
So i shall let my pictures do the talking yea?


Took this on thurs for going to raym's place.
This is how i look like in specs , i was really lazy to wear my contact lens that day plus i decided to give my poor eyes a rest so i wore a specs to meet bf .
Raym said he like my look that day . hehe ^^

I camwhored at home.
Was lying with bf on his bed while watching tv .
The show was damn boring so i camwhored AGAIN . hehe!
he was trying to act cute and i just seems to be obsess with him in this pic.
C ♥ R manymany!

More camwhores happening at amk .
I like this picture. Realise whenever i point out my middle finger , my picture look so awesome :P

After movie , we headed back to bf's place and had supper below his house.
Damn , thanks to nana for tempting me with her tweetphoto of her dinner , Laksa.
I crave for it SO MUCH that i sin and ate !
_l_ myself please.
I really need to go on a diet soon , becoming SO FAT again .
I no longer weighs 48kg if you must know ! :(
This is so heart breaking ~

The guys .
Bf waiting for his half boiled egg to be ready .
TADA , after 6 minutes.
And ... lol!
Left over egg on his lips.
well , i asked him to do that , hehe !

Went home at about 1am .
And the first thing i saw when i reach home was ...
My misty grey contact lens i ordered ! ^^

Alrights , i finally finished blogging ....
shall turn in now .
stay tune (:


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