12:46:00 AM

Love will come all on its own.

Omgg ! school is starting in 6 days time? And I am so NOT READY.
Not physically but mentally . Not that i want to play still . But damn!!! i dont even want to go to that place .
Oh wells .

Saturday , i fall ill :(
Had a ultra swollen eyes , it sucks .
And to add on , i was having this super painful pain in my gastric ?? or ribcage?? i had no idea.
texted bf that i wouldnt be able to go out today .. and my sweetie came to my house :)
He was so sweet , like awww ^^
I felt like a little princess , well .. but i didnt show out la.
I'm use to put on an act despite how happy i was .
Thank you darrling ♥ i love you !

My maid bathing my precious pet .

Sunday was just a normal family day .
slept in till about 3pm as i felt a little sick the day before.
After that i went to my aunt's house with my family.
Had dinner and frolicks . Major awesome !

Steamboat .
Me and my grandma ♥
Frolicks . No match compared to yami please .. like my cousins and i have been eating Yami for 3-4years? Definitely YAMI is the best !
Nana's old dog . Its age is about 10 years old i think .
This is the old man , jack!
Gigi and Jack . He is super fat cause all he ever does is EAT AND SLEEEP.
Myself and Jack.

Today , spent a day with bf , his sister and sister's bf .
Woke up in the morning due to the construction work going on right beside my house.
annoying ! hammering and stuff in the morning .
Is there any possiblities i make a complaint against them?
the noise they make is UNBEARABLE !
Woke up , got changed and head out to thomson to do some errands for my mum .
after that i went to RP and raymond and his sister were there.
p/s : congrats to doris for going poly ^^
They got her laptop , omgg ! we were so effing unlucky.
while we were walking back from RP , it rained. SUPER HEAVY RAIN!
nightmare man. haha!
I was so afraid the rain would hurt bf's eyes as he ran in the rain ..

After that , we headed back to his house . His sister got changed and we went to amk .
Had Nebo for dinner . I like ^^ cause we played some card games .
Uno & Saboteur.
Was really fun , i enjoy today so much , simple yet fun .
Sheryl came to meet me after that . Bf , sheryl and me went to amk playground and played swing
while i waited for my parents to fetch us home .

Camwhored a little.
Hardly had any make up on except foundation and fake eyelashes.
Daytona and his serious look.
The card game we played , Saboteur.
Had our dinner with his sister and sister's bf at Nebo in amkhub.
My dinner , meatball spaghetti ♥
and bf's , Jumbo Cheese .
It was delicious , love it!

Well , my bestfriend is facing some downside on her life recently .
Sweetie , please remember you got me and everyone else here :)
we are here for you babe and love you so much so much .
Have fun in your life , dont bother getting tied down .. ^^
LOVES YOU ttmaximum.

neeways , i have no idea what's plan for tmr .
I'm like really really broke down :(
suck to hell man .
sigh !

stay tune (:


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