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New life to lead.

Okay , i had been blogging with my blackberry since its quite convinent , only disadvantages is that it's a wordy post with NO pictures or colours .
& today ! I'm blogging with my desktop as i have many pictures piling up .
Since bf isnt home yet , i decided to take this chance to blog all my pictures up .

I can hardly remember much of whatever that happened .
I will try hard to recall .

Saturday , met bf at his home . After that i accompanied him to his bball match at SBC.
My boyfriend is really handsome when he plays basketball , no doubt !
Minyi won 66-60 . Awesome !
I will be watching another match on wednesday after school .
Head back to his house after his match to slack awhile , was home at about 3am !

My babygirl . She fell ill for i-dont-know what reason but she was really really ill .
She kept poo-ing blood , at first we talk it was just minor .
however , it got serious and she started vomitting and was in serious condition of dehydration by the time we send her to the vet on sunday .
poor girl had to stay in the hospital for a day for dripping!
Anyways , she is home now . As healthy as ever :)

Before heading out to meet raymond.

R & C ♥
Some reflection snap while waiting for the train to SBC.
Raymond ♥
Bf dressed really cool that day :)

On sunday , mum woke me up pretty early as we had to visit the cemetry to pray our ancestors.
I was so tired as i barely slept the day before .
so i wore my shade the whole day , even indoors.
i always have puffy eyes when i dotn have enough rest!
SO WRONG to be taking pictures at cemetry but screw it ! (spot anything?!)
I wanted to show how bimbo i am , i refuse to help out anything and just wanna hide in my umberalla
the whole day cause i'm so afraid i will get sun burn .
At the end of the day , even mum hid in the umberalla with me .

And today(monday) , was my first day of school .
Was so freaking bored , the talks were a waste of time , screw orientations ...
i was so touched by raymond!
I text him at about 12 that i am leaving early as its so ultra super boring !
but right after i texted bf , one of ivan's friend told me that they might be doing 2 times of attendence
taking , so i decided not to leave early and i text bf to come at 3pm .
BUT! To my very very surprise , at about 1 , he texted me that he is reaching already .
I was so shock , in a good way :)

Darrling , you brighten up my day so much ! i love you so much la ! :)
Thanks for your mini surprise and kisses blowing to you many many many times.

Bf accompanied me in my school for awhile before heading to junction 8 himself while i continued
my orientation in my school , walked to j8 at about 3pm .
Met bf and we went to get my happy pills , Jumbo cup YAMI YOGURT :P
but actually ... bf was my happy pill today . I was really happy ^^
Was deciding what to eat .. & we decided on Macdonalds!
Ate MacSpicy and bf ate Double McSpicy .
Head back to yck after that , went to his place to take his charger and cabbed to my place.

The taxi uncle was so funny !
He asked bf and me which year we were born , then he showed his a book ..
and both bf and my year - Horse & goat made a perfect couple .
Omgg ! :)
I dont know if it's true or not .. but i was laughing away .
The cab driver reminded us to treasure each other and asked bf not to flirt . HAHA!
funny man !

Slacked at my house , watched tv .. played and then he left at 11 .
Had a totally awesome , romantic , loving , enjoyable , sweet and wonderful day with my boyfriend♥

Bf eating at my school .
My Jumbo cup of YAMI YOGURT!
This boy likes to eat YAMI too loh , just that he is too stubborn to admit !
Anyways , he cut his hair . I like . Still as handsome but smarter this time .

And my babygirl .
She's discharge from hospital ..
and her poor hand has bandage from the injection .
not sure if you can see .. Poorthing !
Mum helping babygirl remove her bandage .. HAHA!
Hope she doesnt fall sick again :)

Alright , i gotta call raymond now .
stay tune (:


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