2:18:00 AM

When you said seeing me happy makes you happy , I'm happy.

Woke up at 630am and i was so tired as i slept at 230am last night !
Technically , i dragged myself out of bed .. washed up and felt more refreshed.
changed and waited for my parents to get ready for work too .

Left home at 740am , waited for bf and the rest at yck station .
I was the earliest ... waited for like 10mins??
Finally , steven and peggy came , then Jun huei and bf , followed by qinghai , last was jackson .
Took circle line to serangoon and then to outram park.
The sun was so strong today , i felt like i was getting sun burn in the morning la!

Accompanied bf while he went SGH for check up on his eyes.
Was relieve that his eyes was alright , just a minor sore eyes , calls for a celebration .
And he can play basketball again :)
Left the hospital at about 1230 and headed to kallang , Cage as the guys were having soccer.
I'm gald to meet up with all the rest of the sec 5s , its really great to meet old classmates and chat!

After cage , some seperated .
We went to cityhall with gary , qinghai and others to shop around ..
headed back to bf's place and took a nap there while i waited for mum to fetch me home :)

Been a LONG TIME since our family had 'breakfast' together.
My precious darrling is awake too .

bf at SGH.
♥ bf !
Love at sight . ♥

At Kallang , ivan kicked the ball so hard it flew to the drain .
Kallang KFC after soccer.

Lastly ,
Group photos with the sec 5s.
Had quite an enjoyable day !

stay tune (:


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