5:10:00 AM

You learn as you grow.

Alrights , its like 5am now and I'm not tired , I don't know why .
Screw insomia .
And because my desktop broke down , I had no choice but to use my blackberry to blog .
I usually use it to blog only when I'm updating my private blog .
Because blogging with blackberry means no colours , no pictures . Just a wordy post .

And I woke up at 3 ytd , changed and headed down to bf's place . Accompanied him for dinner and head home as he had basketball training .. Got home and realise my precious dog is sick . Her pee and poop has bloood .. If she get worst , I gonna bring her to the vet ! She's like a part of my family , it hurts to see her sick ! :(

I will be meeting raymond tomorrow in the afternoon I think . Will be watching 'Ju on' with the guys .
It's a PG horro film so I doubt it will be nice nor scary at all .
Prove me wrong Ju on! Scare the hell out of me tomorrow please so that I can hid in my bf's arm ! Haha !

Anyways , i just thought about a conversation I had with my mum quite awhile ago .
We were talking about life and education when I said " most people get married by 24 . I don't want to be starting my life just only at 24 ! "
And my mum replied " come on ! That is so 90s thinking .. Settling down and getting married ?? You serious ? What year is it now , some women don't even bother getting married . Just concentrate on life and do well in career . "
And it got me thinking ! Yeah . Why bother settling down , get married and have kids .
Everyone has less than 100 years to leave and most only spent at most 30 years of their life single then get married and waste 70 years of our lives taking care of children and stuff .

To add on , I hate kids . Like literally DISLIKE them .
I find them noisy and annoying , everytime I heard little children crying I just wanna punch them hard on their mouth .
I can't imagine taking care of one my own in future ..

Life is so short la! We should just enjoy it , work hard earn plenty of $$$ and travel the world instead of settling down and become a shag woman.
I would rather staying in with my bf no need to get married and just live your life.
No need a stupid vow to love one another right ? Love is love what , do some wedding ceremony means lasting love meh?
I even feel that getting married means divorce sooner or later ..
Only at our parent's age that marriage would last but definitely not at our age .

Besides , after thinking about these random stuff , I don't think I wanna spent 70 years of my life taking care of kiddo , and slowly be outdated from the outside world right ?

I know I'm too young to be thinking about this but its just some random thinking that ran into my head , decided to blog it out . :)
Super random ! Hahaha .. And I can't believe I'm thinking about this at 5am in the morning . Gosh! I'm totally insane and I better get my butt to sleep now !
This is so so so so whatever !

HAHAHA ! Goodnights .
Stay tune (:


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