3:30:00 AM

You only realise when its over.

Wanted to blog using my desktop but my bro is using it and I'm really bored ,
Thus I decided to use my blackberry to blog first . Pictures will be uploaded when I use the desktop .

Anyways , for this post , I want to talk about my emo-ness . HAHA!
School is starting in a day and I'm really really not looking forward to it .
This is the first time I'm actually not anxious at all that I'm going to a new school .
The feeling just sucks big time .

I realise the best time of my 18 years of life were actually my secondary school days .
Despite how many times I complain how much PHS sucks , how much I wanna get out of that school and everything .
At the end of the day , I cannot deny .. All my wonderful friends were found here .
All those people that acutally matters to me were found here .
I found friends here . I didn't have friends when I was in primary school , so it didn't leave me any memories ..
But my secondary school life is so different , full of laughter , fun and joy .

I just really love my company , the ladies .
Although we were not the good kids in school , we do all ther stupid rebellious kids does but I have to admit , it was fun and really made an impact in my life .
Although it has nothing to be proud about but I must say it was the best time in my 18 years of life .
How we skip lessons and chit chat in the canteen , we climb the school gate and leave for mac , we do stupid things together .
We never once backstab each other , unlike other group of friends who would fall out on each other after awhile .
I can hardly remember we had any quarrels in our years together .

Sigh !
The thought of us no longer studying together is really unbearable .
I guess I'm really not ready for a change . :(
I met the greatest people in my secondary school days . They are the best !
I love you ladies so much ! <3
Sometimes , I really wish we can turn back the clock ..
Be in our phs uniform and chit chat like there's no tomorrow.
I'm damn fucking emo now ..

stay tune (:


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