12:00:00 AM

Happy 11th , precious one.♥!

My god! Time flew by so quickly i really couldnt keep track of the time.
It felt just like not too long ago we celebrated our 10th , now we are have reached our 11th .
Eventually , followed by our 1st year anniversary which falls on a saturday on 26/06/10♥.

Love you so much my boy !
Tomorrow gonna watch movie and have our dinner :)
Not much plans because we both are having school until 5pm . BOO!

but still , a day spent with you always end with a splendid day out.

I love you baby boy.
Happy 11th to you&me ♥ & i shall wish you another time next month .. followed by another , another , another , another , another .... hehe!

Stay tune ; 26/05/10 ♥


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