6:58:00 PM

In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities.

Hey people!
Gosh~ I'm gonna whine now!

I just found out i cant use my photo printer because my card reader is too small to frigging insert into the photo printer.
I'm so so so upset about this because its so important to me now!
I need my photos ready before my anniversary with my boy.
Rah~ This spoilt half of my mood already.

Good thing is i found out earlier and i guess i will have to head down to some photo shop to get all my photos printed out.
sucker much!

Yes , im planning to get a photo album for him & its not a secret because i told him before.

I am still welcoming other suggestion though !
As I'm afraid boys wont appreciate photo albums .. and soon i can see the photo album dumb at the corner of his room .
So yea , any better suggestion please let me know okay!!

At the same time , my holidays are approaching , of course CA too..
Hope i do well for my CA and have an enjoyable holiday .
Well , i gonna work on JUNE , decided that i must find a job . At least for a week to earn some cash to go out with bf on our anniversary .
Its a no way I'm asking my parents for money to go on a date with my boyfriend huh .
That is just way wrong !
So any jobs to intro , can pay by cash instead of cheque .. Please please please intro k?
I dont want cheque because I dont withdraw money from my bank . Once money is enter into my bank account ..
It bound to stay in there until i leave school and procceed to working life.
so i prefer cash payment !
INTRO ! thank you people!! :)

Just a short post today .

Shall update my blog soon again . With pictures.
Stay tune (:


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