3:12:00 AM

Another blessed day ..

I've not been blogging! I know. I will soon.
I have plenty of pictures to upload, bear with me!

Currently using my Blackberry to blog while my eyes are closing since I only had 90 mins of sleep the night before.
I didn't want to sleep until I blog here ....

Another addition to our months we've been together. Raymond and myself ♥!
Really cute, we both actually let it slip pass our mind as we were really busy these days..
I actually got reminded of it while I was taking my shower at about 155AM.
Practically dash out and called Raymond . HAHAHA! I find this experience really cute though.

And so, you have no idea how blessful I feel to have him in my life.
No one has any idea how lucky I am to have him.
Definitely there are flaws, but his overwhelmed love and care towards me just blind his flaws everytime I think of him.
I smile foolishly when I'm in the bus or while I'm walking on the streets.
I don't care what people might be thinking of me.. Because they have no idea that this smile on my face shows " I'm a lucky girl, to find a guy that makes me smile when I'm thinking of him. "

Yes, thanks baby.. for everything.

HAPPY 1 YEAR & 2ND MONTH to us ♥

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