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School started, timetable rocks! School ends at 12-1pm on Wednesday - Friday.
I can hardly remember what i did for the past weeks. Celebrated Qinghai's Birthday..
Went to Johor Bahru with Raymond, his sister and two of her friends. It was fun!
Bought Sims3 CD! Raymond and myself got each other a couple tee which look so loving!
HAHAH, can't wait to wear it ♥

Other days were fun and simple too!
Well, life has been a peaceful sea, no ups or downs so it's wonderful.
Now that school started, i have more things to do too! HAHAH.
I guess school's fun too!

I can't wait till December holiday, will be going to kukup with my family and probably Raymond is tagging along too as mum asked him along!
YAY, my first boyfriend to go on a holiday trip with my family and myself. I'm really happy!
Moreover, the guy is Raymond... hahah :D

Add on, I'm going to Japan on Feb. I guess, life's great when things just falls together. Love it ♥

Love that comes from the heart of actions and not words. ♥

As you guys know! Previously, Raymond bought me a necklace I said I like it at Vivocity!
So I placed that necklace on my shelf not expecting my maid to be so careless to actually drop it on the floor, the necklace is made of glass thus it broke!
My heart shattered the moment i saw my necklace landed on the floor, I admit... I was so pissed off at my maid that I almost snap and scream at her.
I called Raymond and tell him about it.. I was so pissed off that i even cried.

Raymond: You meet me first, don't scold your maid!

So yeah, I knew it's best for me to leave the house too.. head to the bubble tea stall near Raymond's place.
Seb came followed by Jackson.
I was questioning Seb where Raymond was and he told me they are going to Kukup so he went to change currency first.
I called Raymond and he told me he went to meet his friend and they went yishun to change currency.
I was suspicious and suspected that Raymond probably went to Junction 8 to buy me Yami since that's what i crave when I'm upset.
So i waited for about an hour with the guys and when Raymond finally reach. I look at his hands first.
He wasn't holding anything! For that minute, i really thought he went out with his friend when his girlfriend was fuming with anger.

It was then, Raymond suddenly held out this necklace, a brand new necklace..
I was so touched that he actually went out to Vivocity the moment he heard how upset I was over the phone.
He the sweetest boyfriend I've got since my 18 years of life.
I couldn't stop smiling the entire day... :D
国伟, 我爱你!
Thanks for always trying to make me smile.

You may be a devil sometimes but also the sweetest little thing in my life. Love you ♥

Stay tune (:


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