5:28:00 PM


Save your dramas for your momma!

Some drama going on lately, entertaining but not fun enough to turn me on.

School was alright, I kinda love going school, despite how much I hate waking up in the morning,
dragging my feet to my bathroom, dolling up with my eyes half shut.
School is fun and no one should ever dread school.

I've just planned my study schedule, hopefully I will stick to my plan and study all the topic I need everyday so I will be prepare when exams reach.
Projects have been piling up lately and all of them worth 60% of my final marks, that spells STRESS. A major one!
Have been doing presentations here and there, meeting up with classmate to start on our projects.

Worst of all, my agency texted me about some modelling training thing for roadshows etc. and she include " Attendence is compulsory" so there goes my 6 weeks of Saturday.
I have to maintain my figure for the whole 6 weeks and I definitely gonna have a feast after my 6th week of training!

Time for me to get my butt off this desktop and start studying.

stay tune (:


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