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It's a brand new year,
If you have been bad in 2010, 2011 this is a new start for you.
If you find your life boring in 2010, 2011 this is a new start for you.
If there's a lot of drama in 2010, 2011 is a new start for you.
If you have been a bitch in 2010, 2011 is a new start for you.
If you are a slut in 2010, 2011 is a new start for you.
You can carry over the good things from 2010, start anew for the bad things in 2011.
What are all of you carrying over to 2011?

I'm really amaze by the speed of 2010, time seems to be passing faster as we grow up. Notice?
I guess because we get stressed by our busy life, our homework increases, our daily activities increases, we just get so carried away by everything and we lost track of the time...
but as busy as we may be, please remember!
Time waits for no one, so cherish & treasure what you have now before you turn back and regret!


This year,
  • I'm going to start saving money (not that I'm spending a lot.)
  • I'm going to forgive all those i used to hate, NO, I won't be friends with them (not that big-hearted) but they will just be an acquaintance to me.
  • I will try to smile more so people won't judge me as a UNFRIENDLY person.
  • I will study harder to have a better future.
  • I will be more focus this year.
  • I will find more time to meet my friends.
  • I will try to be a better girlfriend to my boyfriend.
  • I will learn to be less stubborn this year.
  • I will learn to cut down on my attitude this year.
  • I will try not to be so short temper this year.
  • I will be a good girl this year and minimize all the troubles .
  • I will take good care of my health more this year.
  • I will enjoy 2011 and look forward to a better year in 2012.

I have this tendency of looking through old photos after a year past, just to see how much changes happened in a year and how much all of my love ones has grown.
I'm proud to say, all my love ones are growing up well. *GRIN!*

My Family


My beloved family, I'm glad my parents business are still growing. Their chicken rice are still as awesome as ever. My little worries are that my parents are age-ing & the thought of them still working so hard really hurts me. I really wanna grow up fast so I can take care of my parents instead of them taking care of me.
My brother has stop schooling since 2010, my worries for him is that he do not have a goal in his life yet, I hope he find that soon and pursuit his goal.
I'm blissful to have such an awesome parents and brother who would do anything for me and pamper me so much.
I wouldn't dare to say 'FOREVER' to anyone but them... I would say,
" Mummy, Pappy and lil bro! I LOVE YOU GUYS FOREVER!!!
♥ "

Happy New Year, have a blessed & blissful year. Love you all so much!!

The 2 girls that put up with my nonsense for 18/19 years!

My darling cousins
We've been together seen the day we are born?! We hardly ever had any arguments despite our different personality. I'm blissful to have that fate to meet you all and i love you all. Happy New Year darlings. (I don't know if you guys ever read my blog though.) hehe!
Thanks for sticking with me for 18 years, no wait! 19 years of my life. hehehe.

And of course the rest of my cousins, I love you guys too okay!
Just that I dont have much picture of you all la! hahaha! Happy new year to you all too, love!!

My BESTFRIEND, the bestest friend EVER!


Sheryl siow, you're like an angel from heaven. (Sound mushy?) I know.
I can't help it, that's the only words to describe you.
We have a totally different personality, I'm so stubborn, hot temper, attitude problem kid, rough and loud and you're so gentle, cheerful, patient, nice, sweet and soft.
It never fails to amaze me that we can actually get along so well!
Talking/Texting you can cheer me up instantly, I can be myself towards you, never need to hide any part of me. I can pour out my sorrow by spamming you 7 pages of text continually in the middle of the night when i face any r/s troubles and you won't find me annoying.
I'm lucky to found a bestfriend like you! 6 years & still counting.
I'm happy that you look to me when you have troubles and I will always be there for you too! :)


The Boyfriend of 2009 - 2011 (Still counting)


A really special relationship to me. A 5 years friendship that blooms into a lovely relationship.
I bet you and I never expect us to ever be together. Who would expect that? Friends that known each other for 5 years? HAHAH.
But something brought us together, your ex? my ex? or fate? or whatever reasons that brought us together?
I believe we both know we got together not even knowing if it is the right thing to do since we both had someone else in our heart at that time, but as time passes my heart just goes out to you.
When both our exes want us back, somehow we still chose to stay together? mhmmm. ( That's weird.) I guess there's a lot of things we can never explain.

The fact is, I love you Raymond Chong.
Despite your flaws, despite everything, I love you.
Like I said, although we have huge quarrel that threatens our relationship,
but I'm lucky to have someone that makes saying goodbye so hard.
I guess that shows how much I want you in my life and I'm not willing to let any of that go.
Let's see where this relationship takes us and how far we can run together, hand in hand.

Happy 2011 new year to you baby.
It's a brand new year for us, let's pull through this year together hand in hand. I love you
We both will be busy with our own lives, be it study or other stuff, but we will always make time for each other okay? whatever changes, let's deal with them together this year.

My ladies, the precious ones that plays a role in my life.

Look at this photo! It's taken on Tiffany's birthday?

Now, look at how much we've changed.

Ladies, we got to know each in secondary school. Getting into shits together,
climbing over the school fences together during school hour.
We never quarrel once, maybe it's because we don't badmouth each other like other clique does.
Now we are all separated to different schools but I'm glad we still make time to meet up with each other because losing any of you is like losing part of my memory in my life.
You guys are my motivation to go school everyday in Presbyterian High, you guys are my 1st group of friend in my life. That's how important you guys are to me

Happy new year ladies, may your life be filled with happiness, smiles and never ending luck. Love you all! Meet up soon k!

So, happy 2011 new year everyone. Have a blessed & blissful year ahead. Problems won't stop, troubles will continue to come but bare in mind, there's still 2012 to look forward to!

I will be at Marina Barrage on 1st Jan to celebrate countdown,
so this is actually a schedule post for everyone.

More updates after 2011 on Kukup Trip, New Year celebration, Raymond's Birthday and probably mine too. hahahaha!

Stay tune (:


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