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VISIT http://formspring.me/CASANDRAGAN, its where all the entertainment begins, where all the drama mamas combine and promote their skills. HAHAHAHAH!

Okay, I'm just cracking some joke. Been busy with school work, everything is piling up. Going to start mugging really soon, no time to play anymore.
Definitely no time for immature games!

I shopped for my CNY clothes with my parents, really love my outfit. I swear my parents fashion taste are awesome! I love shopping with them so much, they give the best comments and feedbacks.
Sadly, my parents and brother will be going to JAPAN on CNY, so it's left with me, me and still me.
Mummy keep saying, " I don't have to worry about you, you got Raymond to keep you accompany." HAHAHA.
True but I would love to go Japan with them, thanks to school for ruining it!

Lastly, I miss Raymond Chong !

Stay tune (:


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