Life in Paris

12:15:00 PM

Hello people!
So I've stopped blogging since Miss Earth Pageant. I guess my only excuse is that I'm just lazy to blog.
Not that I stop writing.. I still do. But they are usually private matters thus I write them in my private space.

I'm currently lying on my bed in a apartment in Paris. I promised to blog alas here is a blog post for you all!

Paris is honestly a very beautiful city, its generally safe. No I've not been pickpocket yet. (Touchwood**) and the people here are very friendly and nice.
I really love how the neighbor greet each other good morning when we walk pass each other.
This is something we will never get to see in Singapore.

The lifestyle in Paris is very different from Singapore..
Everything is very slowed pace, peaceful and relaxing.
Unlike the busy city back home, everywhere is close on Sunday.
Sometimes.... I think its a tad bit too peaceful for me? Overall, I miss Singapore. I miss home.

As for my private life, love life. I guess I should probably keep that session to myself.
All I can say is, so far nothing much is going on.
Nothing too interesting YET.

Just a sneak peek of the beautiful city,  Paris.

Loves Cas ♥

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