Letting go

8:07:00 PM

After a pathetic week of emotions breakdown, I'm finally on the road to recovery. All I can say is I am definitely better than the week before.

After an hour talk on the phone with him.. I accepted the hint that he was determined our rs would not work out. And so,  it helped me to rejuvenate myself. I convinced myself that I have done my part to salvage our rs and its time I take my leave.

Since then, I stopped feeling depressed. I guess all we need is that little shake to help us face reality. I was holding on to the rs, I refused to accept the fact that our rs was over for good and it caused me to be in a state of depression. I couldn't let go.

Once you accept that what happened have happen. You will feel a huge weight lifting off your heart. The road in front of you is clearer now and you can begin a new journey in your life.

I will never forget the good memories we had,  but its time to create new ones. I'm no longer waiting, I'm no longer upset and I'm ready to embrace the next chapter of my life.
I took back the keys to my heart which I gave him, and I'm gonna guard it safely till the right one comes along.

This will be the last post on Aaron.

P/S:  To anyone who is going through a break up. Learn to let go of what that is gone. Don't hate or blame anyone,  instead accept that what happened happens and the only solution is to walk away slowly. 
Don't look back anymore because it will only hold you back. 
Smile because you have walked through an awesome journey with him but it is time for you to say goodbye before making a turn into another route. 
Be happy.

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