Life and choices

3:04:00 AM

"Life is nothing but a roller coaster. " they say.

I have to agree with that sentence very much. Just 3 months ago, I felt like nothing could be anymore depressing. However, now everything is better.

I've gotten back together with Aaron.
-Guilty as charge- but I'm definitely not sorry about it. My relationship has been great since then. We worked out our differences and made our relationship work.
I've learn a few things from this incident,  when 2 people from different upbringingz come together, there're bound to be differences which we will have to adapt to it. It is never easy. NEVER.
Especially altering our habits or life because of someone else.

The hard truth is, we have to accept and learn to do so.
(Well, unless you don't mind being single for life... )
We can never be happy in a relationship if we are self-centered.

Yes it's true that to love someone else,  we have to learn to love ourselves, in contrary, we have to learn to appreciate, cherish and care for someone's heart in order for them to do the same to you. Only then, you will feel the true meaning of happiness.

Its currently 3am, I turned 23 today.  I can't believe it took me so long to learn that happiness is when your love ones are happy. Happiness is sharing.

Happy birthday to myself.
I wish that I will always remind myself to be the best of who I can be to the people I love.


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