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I've just returned back from Hongkong. It was my first time visiting Hk and I left the country with so much memories in it.
Hk was an awesome place to tour in, but everything was better because I had the right company along with me.
We stayed in Eaton Hotel (Highly recommended). Good services, superb convenient location as well.

It was my first time travelling with my boyfriend alone. Previously, I always had friends or family along.. so I didn't quite know what to expect out of this trip.
There's a saying, "It either kills your relationship or strengthen it." Yes I would be lying if I said I wasn't worry that the holiday trip would turn disastrous if we cannot get along and end up fighting.

But I'm so happy with the outcome,  I'm glad I get to realise how compatible we both are in terms of the way our lifestyle works and our views on how a holiday should be like. We have no problem retreating into our own zone at night as he gets busy with his stuffs while I watch the television peacefully. We are comfortable with our silence, and there was no need for entertaining or finding things to do to make our trip fun. We are simply comfortable with just the way we are.

My first solo trip with my boyfriend was a success and I have so much to remember about Hk now.

Thank you Hongkong for this amazing trip, all the critics I've read about their citizens being rude were totally FALSE because everyone I met in Hk were so friendly, helpful and nice. I'm glad I went to Hongkong with an open heart. Oh and their food were to die for. I enjoyed eating so much I forgot about maintaining my weight. So thank you Hongkong,  it was a truly pleasant trip.
And thank you, Aaron, it is because of you that made Hongkong so much more worth remembering.

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