Many faces

5:08:00 PM

Human beings are weird creatures. We are brought up in a society whereby being who you are, being true and honest gets you into trouble.

In life, we meet people who have many faces. A face they show to people in general, a face only meant for their close friends to see, a face for their family and finally the true side of them, when they are most vulnerable, lying in bed at night.

Some put on this mask to hide their weakness, some used it to harm others.

My question is, "Why do that? Why are we brought up in a society whereby we are punished for being real yet praised when being fake?"
Why is being a hypocrite okay? Yet when you sound out your honest comment/critics its not okay.

I'm so lucky that Aaron shares the same sentiments as me. We believe in being true to ourselves and people around us. He taught me that life is not about the materials/money/status that we desire, because the most expensive gift one can give to another is a genuine friendship.

There's a saying, "When you grow older, you realise its less important to have many friends and more important to have true ones."

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