Harder than ever

12:01:00 AM

I have this bitterness in me knowing that our relationship will never be the same again. I cannot deny that I'm hurting inside, and I feel like someone is holding on to my heart, giving it a good squeeze every now and then. I am happy for Aaron, and I think that it is only right that he does something to develop himself and become better.
He is one of the smarter guy I have dated and he will definitely excel in whatever he does. 

Therefore, whenever he was hesitant about going to Australia because of our relationship, and as much as I am hurting inside, I reminded myself how important it is for me to be supportive because I know it is harder for him than me.

I am going to miss him so much.. but I believe as long as we are on the same page on the commitments to maintain a long relationship,  and have trust and confidence that we have the ability to fulfill the responsibilities to make it work. I believe we can.

I truly cherish every moment we get to spend together the past few weeks,  it is definitely one of the highlights of my year and I look forward to seeing you again in Australia. 

Happy 1 Year 4th Monthsary to us.. 

Bon Voyage Aaron. We will see each other again 😙

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