Truth about Long Distance Relationship

4:20:00 AM

Its been approximately two months since I wrote on this space. Things are becoming better with Aaron and myself. I've learned to cope with our situation.
Yes, I miss him. Yes, I still yearn for his love and company. But I've learned to wrestle all that.

The truth about long distance relationships?

"Distance makes the heart grow fonder." is false.
The reason why one would push on is because of the efforts made that was felt. Many times, I wanted to let go and move on but it was his effort to hold on that motivated me to push on. Truth to be told, whenever I think of the distance between us, I only feel angry, depressed and helpless.
It did not make the heart grow fonder AT ALL.

"The first month is the toughest to go through." is somewhat true.
Indeed it was one was my darkest period yet, the melancholy of it all is that there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop it. I constantly question myself and our relationship. Nothing made sense to me.
I remembered asking myself, "Is it worth it? To go through all this shit?" yet at the end of the day, I held on to the last faith I had, and I knew that if I were to let go of something so dear to me without giving my fair share of effort would lead to regrets. To that, I pushed on.

"Learn to love without depending on each other." is true.
That's right. The ultimate truth about long distance relationship is that we have to be able to live our lives independently yet stay in love.
He would be meeting new friends along the way, and so would I. We have to trust that despite all that changes, our love for each other remains.
Things we used to do together, such as; watching movies, heading out for supper, spending Friday nights together are replaced by new friends. It does feels uncomfortable, but we have to learn to get used to it.

"You either ACCEPT IT or LEAVE IT." is true.
That's right. You either suck it up, accept the changes and adapt to it or leave it. There is no other alternatives.
When all is said and done, both parties need to want it enough to push on, otherwise it wouldn't work out.

I am thankful and blessed that Aaron held on when I was on the verge of letting go. Life wasn't easy and it still isn't but I am trying to adapt. Everyday is a new challenge and learning journey for us.

I can't wait to see him in exactly two week time.
Booked my flight to Adelaide on 23rd Aug. I will be staying there for a month.

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