Time flies when you're happy

12:56:00 AM

If only there's a way to slow down time. Despite extending my stay in Adelaide, my days with Aaron has eventually reached tail end. It will be another four months till I get to see him again. 
As much as I had missed home and my family, a huge part of my heart wants to stay in Adelaide..
It's scary that I actually dream up on what it would be like to spend the rest of my life with this guy.

As we were taking a stroll along the beach, I pictured myself and him.. "We rent/buy a little beach house along Glenelg beach, I can find a full time job there, while he completes his studies, then he will get a job there as well. We will start a brand new life together.."  What scared me was, I have never pictured myself with anyone, moreover, building a life together!

Although there were a little up and downs during my stay in Adelaide, but the good days clearly outweighs the bad days... in fact, our little disputes brought us closer as we get to understand one another better. 

Merely less than 12 hours apart and I am already looking forward to end Jan (2016). I can't wait to be reunited again.

I miss him.

It was my second time saying such a hard goodbye...

Thank you for such a wonderful time in Adelaide.

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